Heart Transformation Center





Established in 2002 in Taiwan, the Heart Transformation Center incorporates preventive and natural healing methods from around the world. While the scientific and technological discoveries of our modern age have brought us a wealth of medical advances, many chronic ailments continue to progress with little prospect for improvements. In fact, chronic health conditions are more prevalent now than ever. After all, our fast-paced and stressful lifestyles are not exactly conducive to health either. It is interesting how the vast material gains that we have made as a species do not necessarily translate into our physical or spiritual well-being. This chronic body-mind dissociation is often found at the very root of our sense of malaise and helplessness. Now, more than ever, we find ourselves in desperate need to fill a deep void within—an emptiness that cannot be satisfied with the material gains from this world. Faced with unremitting stress and existential crises that threaten our sense of wellbeing, many of us seek to regain a sense of balance and harmony in our lives.

Our preventive health center serves as a model for a radical body-mind-spirit transformation that marries ancient Eastern Medicine with modern Western Medicine. We bring together holistic modalities of treatments from ancient medicinal traditions as well as the most cutting-edge, 21st century nano-sciences and technologies available today. These technologies are reflected through the special waters used in this center as well as a host of other therapeutic modalities that focus on structural realignment of the body, detoxification, deep lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, resonance therapies, and the proper forms of exercises and dieting. We believe that health can only be regained through a total change in lifestyle by adopting a nutritious and wholesome diet, rigorous daily exercise, proper breathing, and positive thinking and interactions with others. We dare say that our center has the most comprehensive total-body-mind-spirit health program in the world.

About Our Therapies

There is no simple solution to overall health. In our view, it is not enough to just take supplements or anti-oxidants. We dare say that even eating correctly or exercising vigorously may not be enough. To achieve true health, every single aspect of our lives must be radically changed. After years of devoted research and partnerships with top universities and hospitals in the U.S. and Asia, we have developed a total package of physical and biochemical therapies coupled with our natural health foods and supplements, exercise programs, and heart management demonstrations. Built upon the latest breakthroughs in health, science, and technology, ranging from the fields of quantum physics, nanotechnology, and trace element chemistry to the latest nutritional sciences and exercise dynamics, we offer a comprehensive package of treatments and therapies that will provide guidance and support toward a healthier lifestyle. Our programs are custom-designed for each member, and all treatments are assisted and performed by trained therapists and nurses. The only commitment we expect from our members is the determination to join us and to do their share of homework while we do ours. We hope that our members will make our tailored program a part of their daily lives as a complete body-mind-spirit commitment is essential to producing the desired results.

Our Vision

At this critical time on Earth, with the massive depletion of natural resources and the precarious state of our collective body-mind health, it is important that we each fulfill our roles in restoring harmony and balance back to the Earth. We can only be healthy if the Earth is healthy.

Our Heart Transformation Center emphasizes the importance of restoring balance into our lives, bringing us all back to a state of youthful health. Our center utilizes every single aspect of knowledge available to us today, combining the ancient wisdom of our forefathers with the latest breakthroughs in science and technology. Full participation of each member is expected in order to directly experience the state of body-mind-spirit coherence and harmony. The program is practical enough so that it can be applied to our daily lives; it seeks no less than a complete and radical change in our lifestyles. When our body-mind resonates coherently with the Universe, our perspectives towards ourselves, others, and the Earth will suddenly change.  It is hoped that, once changed, we will strive to steward the Earth away from the course of rampant destruction witnessed over the past few decades.