Primordia Media



Established in 2002, Primordia Media Inc. is a non-profit organization that aims to publish spiritually and philosophically oriented works that are deemed exceptional in value. We feel that there is a great need for works that address spirituality, metaphysics, theology, and life values and that are in accord with the great spiritual traditions of the past. This is an age of spiritual drought, and we hope that the works published by this house will contribute in some way to an inner enrichment of sorts. Already, we have been fortunate enough to publish spiritually uplifting books that purport to offer an inner compass or sense of direction in the midst of our busy modern lives. As a tribute to the diverse traditions of the world’s indigenous cultures, we have brought together translations of ancient texts as well as spiritual teachings from both contemporary and ancient masters. Although it is difficult to dissociate spirituality from religion, it is our intent to pursue a nondenominational and all-embracing approach when choosing the works to be published.