Primordia Institute of New Sciences and Medicine

Primordia Institute of New Sciences and Medicine is a non-profit educational and research organization that was created in 2003 to foster and celebrate wholistic solutions to pressing issues faced by today’s society. At no other time in the history of mankind do we find ourselves in a greater state of crisis. Our far reaching concerns include the destruction of our environment, the chronic health problems faced by today’s generation, the need for new and sustainable energy resources, the lack of food, water, and shelter in developing countries, the current unhealthy lifestyle adopted by most people in today’s modern day society, and unwholesome child education.

Primordia Institute seeks to research as well as educate the public on alternative wholistic solutions that emphasize a radical paradigm shift in our values, outlook, and understanding. This paradigm shift calls for a general concern for the welfare of the Earth as well as the health of our own body, mind, and spirit. Thus, solutions that seek to bring us back to a state of balance and that call for integrative, regenerative, sustainable, renewable, and creative approaches will be emphasized. Through our collection of literature and research efforts, we shall also attempt to bring back knowledge and wisdom accumulated since ancient times, attuned to our society’s current needs.

We are fully aware that our approach cannot be exhaustive for the simple limitation of resources.  Furthermore, our concept can work only through an intimate collaboration with friends and colleagues out there who share the same ideals. We are therefore open to any form of collaboration that can further the concepts outlined here. Only through the concern and efforts of every individual can we heal the Earth in time to preserve it for our children and their children.