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Ming-De School Project Mission


Throughout history, education has always had the most fundamental impact on a society’s progress and development. It is the key to ensuring that future generations prosper and evolve harmoniously within a society. Education allows knowledge to be transferred from one generation to the next, especially knowledge that has been passed on since ancient times relating to the universal truths learned from the past as well as lessons that allow a child to function better as a human being. It gives the necessary tools for a child to continue to seek for higher truths and to make better use of opportunities in life. Only when better equipped with a firm foundation of knowledge can a child learn how to live his or her life more fully and to better shoulder the many responsibilities that will be encountered down the road.

All children should be given an equal opportunity to learn. This should apply to all children, including those living in impoverished areas around the world. The Ming-De School Project seeks to apply our available resources towards under-privileged children throughout China. In so doing, we hope to grant to all children in China the same opportunity to an equitable education.

The Ming-De School Project is targeted at increasing the number of elementary schools throughout the poverty-stricken rural areas in China. It seeks to construct, rebuild, or renovate schools in rural villages short of funds. In order to provide a complete set of facilities that will reach out to as many children as possible, Ming-De Schools will be built in areas of large enough populations. The program will emphasize a well-rounded “whole person” education in which students will not only be geared towards academic excellence, but also towards ethical and behavioral excellence as well. We believe that this program will better prepare our children for the challenges and opportunities in life ahead.


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Ming-De Scholarship Program Mission


At no other time in the history of mankind has the world come together so quickly as one global village. In many ways, it reflects the fast moving paces dictated by endless technological breakthroughs, the globalization of market economies, faster and better communications, and more convenient means of travel and cultural exchange among all people of the world. The melting of the many tiers that separate the rich and the poor, the privileged and the under-privileged, and the many ethnic and cultural barriers stands out as probably the best way for long-term peace, stability, and progress to set in among nations and societies.

Standing as the cornerstone and perhaps as the single most important equalizer among all people is sound education. A good education serves not only the purpose of teaching knowledge but also of fostering a lifetime worth of moral values and ethics that will impel the child to face the challenges and the opportunities of tomorrow. As a matter of conscience and responsibility, no child can be left behind in any of this. All children, irrespective of the economic realities surrounding them, must receive an equal opportunity when it comes down to receiving a good education.

The Ming-De Scholarship Program is established to grant scholarship funds to those children in financial distress in the rural areas of China. It is intended with this seed money to pave a way out for economically under-privileged children through the means of a good education. Children participating in this Scholarship Program will have demonstrated academic excellence in previous years and will be required to continue to demonstrate a similar performance during the tenure of the scholarship. As such, the Ming-De Scholarship Program is designed to stand out as an honor scholarship program that rewards academics and behavioral excellence among the needy children of China. Through this Scholarship Program, we hope that many Chinese children will be nurtured in a way conductive to their contributing and impacting positively their societies.

The Ming-De Scholarship Program seeks to provide annual scholarship grants for 1,000 students from each of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and centrally administered municipalities in China, for a total of 31,000 students.