Teaching Our Children

We believe that education is a fundamental aspect of our mission. It not only helps promote our ideals, which call for radically wholistic and sustainable solutions to many of today’s problems, but it also allows for a better understanding of these problems.  In fact, it is our hope that ultimately through continued education there will be a public paradigm shift with regards to the fabric of reality in all its practical implications as well as the need for the adoption of certain values if we are to have a sustainable future.

The Primordia Institute of New Sciences and Medicine and Primordia Media Inc. were established for the purposes of promoting and reprinting research in the areas of science and medicine that belong to a new paradigm consistent and compatible with the Primordia discourse.  In this paradigm, we view science and medicine in their totality, as a complete, interdisciplinary whole rather than through the prism of a narrow specialty or breakthrough. We are particularly interested in approaches that seek unity and that are able to integrate not only the latest advances in the sciences but also the wisdom of the ancients manifested through philosophy, theology, ethics, or art.  As such, our Primordia Media Inc. has been engaged in the translations of both ancient and modern texts that we deem irreplaceable in value, especially in the context of this unity between the body and mind.  The Primordia Institute of New Sciences and Medicine, on the other hand, has aligned with other organizations to promote practical solutions in the areas of housing, energy, health, foods, water, education, and environmental engineering.

One practical example of an education-related project promoted by Primordia is the Ming-De School Project and Ming-De Scholarship Program, which are implemented throughout China with more than 4,000 schools built to date and over 3 million children attending them as well as over 32,000 children receiving annual scholarships.  Both were founded on the premise of a unique holistic educational program, which we call “Whole Person Education.” Through this program, we have sought to provide children in rural China with the opportunity to receive the same kind of rigorous and well-rounded comprehensive education focused not only on academics but also on athletics and hands-on programs, like art, drama, foreign languages, ethics, and extracurricular involvement. This curriculum is built on a platform of educational excellence that would normally only be available to children in large cities or more developed urban settings. We believe that children must not only be taught the essential academic curriculum, but that they must also be exposed to diversified cultural and moral/ethical values and various skills that will enable them to become global model citizens and fulfilled individuals in a fast-paced world.

Primordia EducationAlong the same lines and with the help of concerned parents and teachers around the world, our Classics Recitation Program was established in both America and Asia to foster a sense of respect for many of the sacred and timeless teachings of the past.  Through this non-denominational initiative, children participate in the reading and recitation of the great philosophical classics of the past as well as the sacred poetry collected from around the world.  Early on, students are exposed to Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist, Socratic, and Christian teachings as well as other illuminating philosophies and poetry from around the world.  This approach is used not only for teaching Chinese but also English.